Spool – save videos for later

spool Spool   save videos for later

I am an avid Instapaper user – and my account is filled with hundreds of articles which I found to be interesting sometime in the past. I tried to find something similar for videos too but without success, so my partial solution was to create a “Watch Later” playlist on YouTube. But that’s only YouTube… I was looking for a service that could somehow collect the videos from different websites, not just YouTube. Yesterday, on my phone in the Android market I stumbled upon an interesting app called Spool and I was instantly blown away by what they are offering for free. It’s not just an Android app, it’s an entire web service available for iOS devices and browsers too. You can access it here if you want to use it on your computer.

You can save anything, articles, images, videos, even PDFs and you can read/watch them later. The best thing is that the mobile version allows you to download the saved videos to your phone, so you can watch them later offline anytime & anywhere. I commute daily between 2-3 hours, so I can spend that time watching the videos I found interesting sometime, but I couldn’t watch them due to the lack of time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You save videos and articles – save anything on the Internet — videos, articles, images, PDF, multi-page articles, and more! Get back to it when you have time. You can do this by using the sharing functionality on Android phones, or browser extensions on computers (I didn’t tried it out yet on an iOS device, so I don’t know how it works there).
  2. Spool fetches it all - Spool’s artificial intelligence & computer vision engine grabs your article, records video, and saves images
  3. Spool makes sure it works - Spool transforms the content to HTML5 video (so you don’t need Flash!) and easy to read text.
  4. Get it later, even offline – get your articles and videos on your phone, tablet, or any browser. Spool syncs with all of your devices and makes your content available offline.

Everything is saved in the cloud and you can access it later anytime, even offline on your phone.